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What is FN Mobile?

FN MOBILE, is a smart phone application which can be used to access IoT teminals. It can communicate with control centers and other Fn Mobile users.

With FN MOBILE mobile users can control and monitor IoT terminals, even without any need for a computer or personnel presence at the control center. The users can monitor all the sensors status and control switches.

What is FN IoT Terminal?

IoT terminals are standalone gateways which are installed at remote sites that need to be managed.

There are different types of terminals, designed for spesific project requirements.

They have same core technology and networking fetures, but they support different peripherals -wireless or wired sensor connections-.

What is FN IoT Platform?

It's a cloud based, real-time Internet of Things platform which can be accessed by REST API.

All the remote IoT terminals and FN Mobile clients are maneged and controlled by the platform 24 / 7 real-time

It also provides commnunication between devices, mobile clients and control centers.

What are the solutions?

Altough FN IoT platform is a general purpose environment that you can use for your specific projects, there are end-to-end solutions implemented. Currently, remote station management and monitoring services and smart home and security services are implemented including, mobile client, end-user/end-point devices and control center service. You can access Family Network smart home service web site with this link.