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With a renaissance of the Internet’s glory on the currents of the Internet of Things techno cyclone, we have now entered into an unprecedented era in which consumer products and electronic devices — these so called connected devices — communicate bi-directionally with each other without human interaction. This development has resulted in a myriad of such connected devices becoming available from different manufacturers and, naturally, a need for a middle layer that can elegantly bind them together into, for example, a custom-fitted smart home IoT solution or a smart office IoT ecosystem. For this reason we created the Fn IoT Platform.
Fn is an open IoT middleware platform for managing, collecting, analyzing, and acting on every aspect of communications between connected devices. Fn offers a range of pluggable features that allow building killer apps for consumer products in days instead of weeks. Out of the box, Fn is compatible with virtually any modern consumer product or microchip — smart TVs, smart home appliances, HVAC systems, wearables, and micro computer boards. Taking advantage of highly programmable and feature-rich interoperability enabled by Fn, consumer IoT products will allow for hassle-free remote monitoring and control, event-driven operations, user context awareness, and even autonomous cross-device collaboration on specific tasks.
We designed Fn as an open and powerful tool to let you freely implement the most incredible ideas into your next IoT masterpiece. Who of you will be a Rembrandt of our time? Just go ahead and do your best with Fn.